Week 9 NFL Preview

nfl_week_9Sunday represents the next opportunity to take advantage of some exceptional betting games in the NFL. There are some great games that should go down to the wire and some great promotions to bet into to take advantage of this. FanDuel has an offer that if your money line bet loses by 6 or less you can get up to a $50 refund. In addition to this there is the matched deposit bonus of 100% which means deposit $100 and bet with $200.


FanDuel also has an offer for new users that if you lose your first bet you will get your money back in credit in your account and if you win it’s business as usual. This is up to $500 which is an amazing opportunity to have a free hit and as such we are taking it. Kansas City are -7.5 against Cleveland and our model has this line at -11.5 so we are more than happy to back Mahones, Hunt, Hill and Kelce to continue to score as they have done all season and to cover the spread here. We know they are away to Cleveland but believe their scoring power is going to be too much for Cleveland who are averaging 21 points a game. If we are wrong we are happy in the knowledge that first time bettors get their money back here.

Our second option for the first bet refund offer is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to cover the -5.5  as a home favourite. Rodgers was amazing last week and helped those taking the big point headstart easily cover against the Rams but Foxborough presents a far greater challenge and we expect the Patriots to control this game at home. ELO ratings have this spread at -10 whilst we have it at -7.5 but we are confident Brady and co can win by a touchdown.

The 10.5 point spread for the Bears to cover whilst travelling to Buffalo is far too much and the models say bet the double digit home dog in this game and we will. I will be having a small bet on Buffalo to win this game at home straight up and Ill be hoping at worst they get within 6 which will mean a refund on my bet but at best +460.

The Seahawks host the Chargers in what promises to be a close game however wth Seahawks the most improved offensive line in the NFL we see that Wilson will have far more options at home this Sunday and as such we are happy to take the home team in what the bookmakers have as a coin flip. We expect this to be close as well so see the opportunity for the refund for getting within 6 points is well and truly alive.

Our Plays Kansas City -7.5 $60 to win $54.55, New England -5.5 $60 to win $54.55, Bills +10.5 $35 to win $29.17, Bills Moneyline +460 $15 to win $69, Seahawks Moneyline -108 $30 to win $27.78, As always gamble responsibly.


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