Week 11 NFL



Week 10 Recap:

Week 10 of the NFL was profitable for followers with just over $133 extra in the account to attack week 11. Some great lessons have been learnt in the last couple of weekends. Week 10 saw us miss a 5 leg Parlay but on reflection in future we will probably try and have less legs but more value. 

My best two bets last weekend, Chargers -10 and the Rams to win by 1-13 both saluted. The read on the Rams was particularly pleasing as we recognized the Seahawks strengths and the way they match up against the Rams. Both game have gone down to a big play in the 2 minute warning with the Rams winning both by slim margins. +240 represented far better value than the Seahawks at the line even though it came down to the wire. 


Week 11 Top Bets Preview:

Onto Week 11 with profitability our number one priority although we are going to start a new category for our parlays but restrict to three legs.

This week we like Drew Brees and the Saints to continue on and such is the way the Saints offence is dominating that I expect them to again cover the -7.5 spread. The Eagles have been there about through the first 10 weeks but the Saints are in rare form. 10 and 1 from 4th down conversions this season has been a stat that highlights just how hard it is to get the ball back from the Saints. Carson Wentz is still a top 10 rated QB in the NFL this season but I like the Saints to continue to score big which will see them cover the -7.5. I’m having $75 on to win $68.


My second bet of the week will be on the Steelers to cover against Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Big Ben and the Steelers are now on track and still have a strong argument to make it to this years Super Bowl and I expect them to demonstrate their class this week and to put a knife in the Jaguars season. -5 is great value and I’m advising $75 on to win $68

As promised I am simplifying the parlay this week and adding some juice. We are outlaying $50 and taking the Titans Moneyline +112 into the Panthers -4 into the Steelers -5 for to win $336.33.

In summary this weeks TOP BETS:

As always gamble responsibly and good luck

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