Week 10 NFL Preview



Last week our top two tips covered easily but for some reason I went against the old adage “Don’t put good money on bad teams” and I included the Bills as +10 home dog. Khalil Mack didn’t even suit up but Nathan Peterman threw 3 interceptions and is now in the conversation for the worst QB’s in the history of the NFL.

Anyway, from our starting stack of $200 we finished with $229.10 but we gave a lot back on the Seahawks and Bills.

This week for new FanDuel Sportsbook customers in New Jersey looking to get in on the action we have an exclusive RISK FREE BET up to $500 when you join today and place your first bet.


Week 10

Tip 1:

Chargers -10 at +100 and I am going to be having $75 on to win $75.

The LA Chargers play an under fire Oakland in the AFC West in a matchup we saw only a month ago. On that day the Rivers threw for 339 yards and 2 TD’s in a 26-10 victory. Since then the Raiders have lost their last 3 games by a combined 71 points and have been outscored 103-34 in those 3 games. The Raiders have allowed Derek Carr to be sacked an incredible 24 times at the halfway point of the season. I am not sure that there is a line big enough for me to not bet here so my favourite play this week is Chargers -10 at +100 and I am going to be having $75 on to win $75.

Tip 2:

The Rams to win by 1-13 at +140. I have $75 on to win $105

The LA Rams only just got over the Seahawks last time they played just over a month ago 33-31 in Seattle. Todd Gurley had 3 touchdowns, Goff threw for 321 yards but this game still came down to a 4th and 1 with 1:39 left on the clock. Marcus Peters was beaten twice on big plays by Russell Wilson throwing the long ball and as continues to be the concern with the Rams, they continue to concede points to solid opposition. For me the 10 point start is a bit much but I do like the Rams to win and as such I am taking The Rams to win by 1-13 at +140. I have $75 on to win $105

Tip 3:

In addition to this we are taking a 5 team parlay Atlanta, New Orleans, KC, LAR and LAC straight up on the money line and I am betting $50 to win $112.64

5 team money line parlay on Atlanta, New Orleans, KC, LAR and LAC betting $50 to win $112.64

In summary Sportsbook Selects Top Bets for Week 10 are:

  1. The Chargers -10 at +100 (Bet $75 to win $75)

  2. The Rams to win 1-13 at +140 (Bet $75 to win$105)

  3. 5 team money line parlay on Atlanta, New Orleans, KC, LAR and LAC (Bet $50 to win $112.64)

Hopefully new bettors are taking the deposit bonus and then using their risk free bet on the LA Chargers. This means no matter what on Sunday night you will have at least $75 in your account from your $100 deposit and that’s if they all lose. If just the Chargers cover you have $150, if just the Rams win 1-13 you have $180, if they both win you have $330 and if the parlay gets up as well you will have turned your $100 into $492.64 Let’s get it.



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