Seahawks vs 49ers – NFL Week 10, Monday Night Football Top Bets

San Francisco 49ers vsSeattle Seahawks

Best Bet

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers against the spread (-6.5) with Fanduel @-105

This is a simple one, Get on it NOW!!

Game Preview

Monday night football features a battle between a 7-2 team and the league’s only remaining unbeaten side at 8-0. For both squads this is easily their biggest test of the year so far. San Francisco have only played one side worth their salt – Panthers with a backup quarterback, while the Seahawks have faced similarly weak opposition.

The difference here is the 49ers have generally cruised past any team put in front of them, while Seattle have struggled to even win against teams like Cincinnati and Tampa Bay.

Yet despite it all , both teams stand ready to fight it out in easily the most anticipated Monday Night Football game of 2019 so far.



In summary, The 49ers should and ‘will’ win this game. The question for me if by how much?! They have looked like one of the best teams, if not THE best team, all season. They are playing the type of football Pete Carroll wants to see – bruising ground game and suffocating defense – but with actual success in 2019 and I really believe they will beat the spread of -6.5 tonight.

In contrast the running game for Seattle has been inconsistent, they continue to be outwitted by mediocre-at-best QB’s, and the pass rush can’t even get close enough to sniff sacks. The odds are really stacked against the Seahawks tonight.

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