NFL Draft Promo’s from Pointsbet NJ

The NFL Draft kicks off this Thursday, and Pointsbet betting offerings are second to none! Pointsbet feature the best odds in the market for Kyler Murrayto go #1 overall AND the most NFL Draft Bet Types in the world!

Points Bet USA_50 Sign up bonus

Additionally, Round 1 of the NHL and NBA Playoffs are wrapping up and they will be offering the same promos for round 2.

NFL Draft Promo’s

Pointsbet are offering the most Bet Types in the World when it comes to the NFL Draft. From odds on specific players, positions, and teams, all the way down to Draft Matchups head to head, they’ve got it all. Pointsbets’ traders will even price up Custom #NameABets on markets not found on site.


NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs Headline Offer

Place a MoneyLine Bet and if your team leads after 3 Quarters, You get Paid out INSTANTLY. First $100 Staked.


MLB Games Monday-Thursday

MLB Headline Offer

Lead by 3 Runs, GET PAID INSTANTLY! 1st $100 Staked. Moneyline Bets.


NHL Playoffs

NHL Playoffs Headline Offer

Lead by 2 GOALS, YOU WIN. Pre-Match Moneyline Bets Only. 1st $200 Staked. 1st Bet Only.


Soccer Promo’s

MLS & La Liga Early Payout – Every Game 
Lead by 2 GOALS, YOU WIN. Pre-Match Match Result Bets Only. 1st $100 Staked. 1st Bet Only.



“Next Game” aka “Game Winner” Bonus Offer

Place a “Next-Game” Tennis Bet and get a matched Bonus Bet up to $50 to Use on Any Sport. All ATP matches April 23rd – April 28th


Always Bet Responsibly.

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