Barstool Sports just gave an offshore illegal bookie a social media lesson

Dave Portnoy, the Barstool President wanted to make a big bet on the NCAA Championship game on Monday. It was a big bet. 250k big. He bet Texas tech and the game went to over time and unfortunately for the “El Presidente” Texas Tech lost. Dave was in Minnesota and as such couldn’t bet with Pointsbet or FanDuel and as such he wasn’t able to get his bet on. My bookie called him out on Twitter as a fraud.

Dave Portnoy has done extremely well. He has 850K followers on Twitter, his company BarStool Sports has been known to have more interactions on social media than Media giants such as ESPN. BarStool Sports has 1.5 Million followers on Twitter, 6.7 Million on Instagram and 2.8 million on Facebook. Barstool Sports have an engaged social audience and its massive. A 2017 comparison between ESPN and Barstool Sports is below.

With Papsa being overturned by the Supreme Court almost a year ago and the arrival of legal online Sportsbooks in New Jersey and about to arrive in many other states US bettors are about to be able to be legally without having to jump through a million hoops. Yes customers will pay tax but they will have recourse through government departments such as New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement.